VoIP Caller ID Name for Canadian and US Callers

Thank you for taking the time to review the service for Caller ID Name data. Information is available for callers throughout Canada and the US. Please send any feedback that you can offer to help make this service appealing to your business.

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What kind of Caller ID information are you providing?
There are two types of Caller ID Name available. First, there is the database that traditional landline providers use - the LIDB/CNAM. This is the most accurate and up to date method available, however it is the most expensive. The telephone companies that run these databases charge up to 2 cents per query, plus connectivity and administration fees.

There are also companies out there that specialize in creating a 3rd party database that very closely resembles the same data. cnam.info is using a hybrid of these two sources to deliver exceptionally accurate data. You'll find high quality results for listings throughout Canada and the United States.

Please beware that no caching of data obtained through cnam.info is allowed due to contractual obligations with the supplier.

Deposit Amount Price per Query
$25 1.0 cents
$50 1.0 cents
$100 0.8 cents
  $500 (available to established, high volume accounts only) 0.4 cents
*** Please note the account creation process is not instant. New accounts are approved within 2 business days of payment.

What is the account activation process?

  1. Make sure you add billing and callerid at digitalcon.ca to your spam filter's White List as you will be sent emails from these two addresses as part of the activation process and also ongoing account activity.
  2. Select your initial deposit above and click PayPal's Buy Now button and complete the transaction on PayPal's website
  3. Once you've completed the PayPal transaction an email will be sent to you from billing with a link that you must follow to create your Caller ID Name account
  4. Log in to access the usage agreement. Once it has been signed and received your Query Key will be made available from the online portal so you can begin using the service.

Is there any account activation or minimum volume?
There is a $2.00 minimum monthly spending required to keep your account active. If you have not spent more than the monthly minimum the difference will be deducted from your account.

What integration options are available?

  • asterisk - an AGI is available for download that will take care of everything for you
  • FreePBX - instructions are available, nothing to download and no patches to apply
  • HTTP Simple - send an HTTP request and the body will contain the Caller ID Name information, or will be blank if there are any errors
  • HTTP Advanced - many values are returned in URI format that can be parsed by a script so success or failure can be determined and acted upon accordingly

For more information about this service please send an email to callerid at digitalcon. ca.

This service is provided by AcroVoice (formerly Digital Conceptions Canada), where US E-911 and Canadian VoIP 9-1-1 service is offered with a similar low-commitment model.

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